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prime radicals series 2

The Prime Radicals, Series 2 (26x15')

Take one healthy measure of math and blend in two cousins and their wacky Uncle Norm. Next, mix in some mayhem, music, a lot of laughs, and a big serving of learning. It's a formula that amounts to plenty of mathemagical fun with The Prime Radicals!

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cracking the code

Real World Science, Series 2


Real World Science programs are designed to make science relevant in everyday life. Peer hosts help teach core scientific concepts and principles in the context of real-life situations and events, helping students make real-life connections to science. Colourful graphics, animation and detailed diagrams are used throughout the program to reinforce the learning process. These informative and fun-filled DVDs will enhance every elementary and middle school science curriculum. Each program includes a Teacher's Guide.

Closed Captioned
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Parenting principles

Professor Child: Children and Grief


In the documentary-style film, Children and Grief, ten brave children share their stories of losing a loved one. We hear about their grief and loss, how they are coping and healing. Their advice for other children who have lost a loved one is honest, sincere and heartfelt. These children have experienced a life-changing event, yet they manage to share their stories with a sense of strength and resiliency.
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plastic shores

Plastic Shores (Full Version)


In the year 2010 global plastic production reached 300 million tonnes. A third of this was used in disposable packaging. In the United Kingdom alone, disposable packaging accounts for 1% of the total amount of all plastic manufactured on the planet.



chemistry challenges and solutions

Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions

NEW - Available Spring 2014!

Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions teaches general concepts using real-life challenges in energy, materials development, biochemistry, and the environment. The course zeros in on essential topics that are generally taught in introductory chemistry, providing a strong foundation for learners to pursue further study in science or a liberal education. Streaming rights are available.

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Learn360 Now Offering Hosting Service for Custom Content

Until now, schools and school boards have had to host their licenced Custom Content on local servers at their school or district location. Visual Education Centre (VEC) is now offering a NEW Hosting Service that allows schools or districts to add audio or video content to enable its users to view it via Learn360.

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