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As the leading supplier of audio and video educational resources in Canada, VEC is committed to offering enriching, curriculum-relevant programs from award -winning Canadian and International producers.
For over forty years we have been improving educational efficiency in many fields by providing cost-effective audio-visual programs in English and French, produced to the highest professional standards.
We provide institutions with multimedia resources in the areas of: science, mathematics, language arts, literature, social studies, health, guidance, medicine, classroom management, teamwork, professional development, as well as many other subject areas.
The instructional materials we provide are created by outstanding national and international producers. As well as the newly acquired product lines, we represent such leading producers/distributors as: Annenberg Learner, TVOntario, Allegro Productions, Mazzarella Media, Sunburst Visual Media, Master Communications, TMW Media Group, Learning ZoneXpress, Marsh Media, Pyramid Media, Kultur Video, Phoenix Learning Group, GO Media, EPF Media, 4Learning, The Cinema Guild, The Production Tree, The Coalition for Children, and many more! View a complete list of our producers.


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E-mail: sales@visualed.com
Telephone: 1-800-668-0749  
Fax: 1-866-664-7545
Address: 106 Saunders Road.
Unit 6 
Barrie, ON L4N 9A8


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