Lost Girls

In this timely drama we see Kara, a victim, who is forced to lure young girls into sex trafficking, confront her inner demons and dangerous employers in order to break free from the cycle of victimization.

When Kara spots fifteen-year-old, Marisol being treated badly by her classmates, she befriends her and seduces her with attention, gifts and a party invitation. Marisol is unwittingly imprisoned in a world of forced drugs and prostitution. However, the unexpected happens when Marisol seeing Kara's own inner pain gives her a gift that taps into Kara's lost faith and former sense of self.

This story ends happily but the sad reality is that most don't. Sex trafficking happens everywhere and is on the increase. More than 90 per cent of human trafficking victims in Canada are Canadian-born girls. This drama serves as a clear warning to young viewers who are preyed on by seemingly innocent acquaintances, either online or in person. It will increase awareness that people are not always who they appear to be, open the eyes of teenagers to this potential danger and alert them to keep safe.

The DVD also includes an additional behind-the-scenes segment which further explores the sex trafficking trade. (14 minutes)

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"Stellar performances from all the cast. Beautifully directed."
- The Hollywood Times

"Not only a valiant undertaking, it is extraordinarily moving."
- The Huffington Post

"In the short space of 24 minutes LOST GIRLS has your heart racing and offers up some gut-wrenching feelings that won't sit very comfortably with many viewers."
- Vulture Hound

"Long-time producer Julia Verdin's new short, shown at this year's Raindance Film Festival, is a compelling look into the arcane world of sex trafficking."
- The Edge


Best Social Impact Film Award - Culver City Film Festival (CA) 2016
Best Thriller - Silicon Beach Festival 2017
Nominated for: Best Director: Julia Verdin, Best Actress: Bar Paly, Best Supporting Actress: Cristina Cibrian - California Woman's Film Festival International 2017
Award of Excellence - Indie Fest 2016 (Los Angeles)
Best Drama Award & Best Ensemble Cast Award - Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards 2016

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